About us

Arrowhead Events vzw is a non-profit organisation focused on delivering quality, affordable Larp's.
We leave the mainstream larps held in Belgium and go for immersion. Having participated in foreign larps we gained an insight in how different larp can be done.
That is one of our goals. Show Belgians another way to do larp.

For this we have a number of events that should help reach our goals:
  • Calam is our main event. It has a very easy rulesystem, high costume standards and strict roleplay guidelines. This event is a small step up from the regular Belgian Larp, and prepares the new larper for our elite larp event.
  • Dawn is our survival-horror, heavy-action, light-scenario gutts and gore LARP.
  • Koninklijke marken is our faction at the Avatar larp. Here we support a whole faction during Avatar but also beside it with side events
  • Our other goal is to be able to once own our own terrain. Thus being able to offer larpers a terrain that has been adapted to their needs.

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