The goal of the Credo is to have a set of guidelines of behaviour and ideology that the Council of Arrowhead Events vzw hold high when making decisions. Decisions that are in contrast with the Credo must be avoided at all costs.
Council members who do not live by the Credo make themselves eligible to loose their council membership.
Each year the members of Arrowhead Events vzw give a score to the council in how well they uphold the Credo. This score will be used as a quota to see how well we live up to our Credo.

The Credo

High standards
We, the council members of Arrowhead Events vzw, accept the responsibility to help create high standard Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) events.
We want to make people believe that they are in another world. This through visual realism, game supporting rules, great role-play.

Affordable for everybody
While going for a high standard for our events we will take care to keep our events reasonable priced. This to ensure that our hobby is affordable for people from all class, not only for the rich ones. Reasonably priced means that our price must be in the same price range as likewise events, run by volunteers. If our budget allows our events to be cheaper then we should try to make them cheaper.

Volunteers are kings
Furthermore will we always foresee that volunteers of our association are correctly rewarded for the work they do for our association. Because without volunteers we stop having the workforce to ensure the events we want to organise.

Participants are princes
Without participants we have no events. We should always listen to feedback of our participants and consider their remarks when making decisions.

Money spent wisely
The money earned by our activities will always be spent wisely. (1) to keep our organisation financially healthy, (2) to keep the participation fee affordable, (3) to avoid getting into the habit of wasting money on non-essential things.

Own terrain(s)
With the money earned by our activities we should have one major goal: having the ability to own our own terrain(s). Owning our own terrain(s) will give us the ability to greatly support the visual realism we want to achieve.

One family
We will strive to make Arrowhead Events vzw a place where larpers will feel at home. We should also ensure that all project members feel welcome in the organisation and feel they are a respected part of it. Under all circumstances will we avoid the alienating of projects.

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