The council of Arrowhead Events vzw consists of dedicated larpers who all share the vision to deliver high quality larps and this at an affordable price. Since people change over the years we have created a Credo of beliefs that we want to uphold. This to ensure that the years will keep us following the same goal and beliefs that started Arrowhead Events vzw.

Jeremy NAUS

Position in Arrowhead Events vzw: president
Started to do larp in: 1996
Profession: CEO of an IT & Multimedia consulting company
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A personal note:
I started larping in 1996 with Caege, a larp project run by vzw Oneiros. Shortly after my first larp I became the webmaster and editor in chief of vzw Oneiros. In 2000 I joined the crew of the brand new Manticore larp, first by doing administration and later becoming the so-called fearless leader. At this moment I'm still the project leader of Manticore.
Since my first larp I was bitten with the larp virus and couldn't get enough of it. At one time I probably had a larp each month. But I felt a longing, larp as I had experienced here in Belgium was lacking. So when I heard mention of the Dragonbane larp in Sweden I felt intrigued. These people were actually building a life size fantasy village for a larp! My dream was coming true. I travelled in 2005 to Älvdalen to help out in building the village. In the meantime I also helped the Dragonbane team with their website. Come July 2006, Dragonbane. I think the best way to describe this larp is that I'm still in post-Dragonbane rehab. The feeling of that larp was so overwhelming that I still think fondly about this one-off larp. With Dragonbane I was shown how larp can be done. It was so much different from how we do it here in Belgium.
Dragonbane was not my only foreign larp, I also started playing in Maelstrom in the UK and in the mass boffer larp Conquest of Mythodea in Germany. Both also showed me things I hadn't seen in Belgium.

With all these new experiences I felt that I should make other Belgian people the chance to experience larp as I had. For this I created with some friends Arrowhead Events vzw. As the arrowhead revolutionised stoneaged hunting, so will Arrowhead Events strive to revolutionise larping in Belgium.

Prepare yourself for the larp revolution, prepare yourself for Arrowhead Events!


Position in Arrowhead Events vzw: secretary
Started to do larp in: 2003
Profession: IT consulting
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A personal note:

My first larp-event was Manticore X: Ragnarok. I think my character survived a full 12 hours there before dying in the onslaught of the "end of the world" that was going on at that time. Fun! Then I got to be NPC for the rest of the weekend, and kill all the players. More Fun! :-) Needless to say, I was hooked, and hooked good.
I've played several other events since then, and gotten to know the Belgian LARP-crowd bit by bit. When asked by Jeremy to co-found Arrowhead and organise our own events, I didn't have to think twice.
My job as secretary will be to beat some administrative efficiency in this bunch of dreamers that make up our team. I plan to make sure that Arrowhead-events are above all other events, while still being FUN events to be at. Whether you're npc or player, humble peasant or noble knight.. the end of an Arrowhead-event should always make you sad :-) (and eager for the next one)


Position in Arrowhead Events vzw: board member
Started to do larp in:
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